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  • Chinese kingdoms compete to claim land and capture castles in this fusion of Go and Carcassonne with a map making mechanic.
  • Territory-claiming game with players extend, build and defend their lands.
  • 48 triangular tiles in six different designs.
  • 120 tokens in three colors for up to four players.
  • 2 cloth bags for compact storage and travel.


    You have unearthed the pieces of an ancient Chinese map.

    As you put a map together, you are drawn into the turbulent times of the Han dynasty and a land of mystical kingdoms. Like one of the legendary warlords, you can extend your kingdom, as you build castles to capture land. Cartography is reminiscent of the ancient game ?Go? with the addition of a map making mechanic. As the map changes, strategy and spatial perception are the keys to success and nothing is left to chance. Cartography® is easy to learn but challenging to master. Join the battles and intrigues found in Luo Guanzhong?s epic tale "Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

    Spieler: 2-4
    Spieldauer: 20+ Minuten
    Alter: 10+
    Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch

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