Castle von Loghan (Kickstarter Edition)

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Castle von Loghan - Kickstarter Edition

Take the roles of a Group of KarrSEC agents in this co-op game of explorations, Combat and timetravel. Enter the treacherous Castle of Augustus von Loghan and hunt down the nefarious fugitive from the future, who threatens to destroy time itself.

Castle von Loghan is a lovingly-crafted and ambitious dungeon exploration game for 1-8 players. Playing through a rich story that spans three different timelines, your group of agents has to work together to prevent Time itself from being ripped apart and altered forever!

- Unique co-op / competitive game play, with shared health and clarity.

 - An original and expertly-crafted storyline: over 240 events forcing group members to make individual decisions influencing the outcome for the entire Group.

-  Diceless time-jumping combat where players work together to defeat the enemy

- Three game boards chaning as the game progresses with intersecting timelines   

- Time-travelling monsters and boss enemies, each with their own story and Background

- 270 Story and Event Cards
- 240 Combat Cards
- 200 Unique Treasures
- 60+ Tokens
- 80+ Monster Cards
- 8 Playable Charakter Boards
- 3 different Time Zone Gameboards
- Dialogue Book & Rule Book

Für 1 bis 8 Spieler ab 14 Jahren
Dauer: 45 bis 120 Minuten
Sprache: englisch




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