Moral Conflict 1940

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Who will live together in all five dimensions?
Moral Conflict 1940 strategy game constantly presents players with juicy decisions to influence their powers? destiny in a world in danger of slipping into the depths of evil. The intense MC1940 experience offers one surprise after another. Every game is different and this classic game will inspire you the rest of your life. Ideal for highly realistic, long term, in-depth learning of strategy and negotiation in a very realistic world in conflict between good and evil.
The length of the game can be varied from 2 hours upward by setting different victory conditions. The Moral Conflict 1940 WWII strategy game can also be played with only the Atlantic scenario. This enables a shorter game with up to 5 players.
Moral conflict 1940 is designed for experienced strategy game players.

Players: 2 to 6
Time: 120 to 400 Minutes
Age: 16+

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