Moral Conflict 1941

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Pursue limitless possibilities with the relentless intellectual challenges to grow in military skill, negotiation, teamwork and master the 5 dimensional interaction with other players. Moral Conflict 1941 game pushes players to the limit of their game playing abilities; turning them into real generals, diplomats, economic and technological leaders who are able to distinguish between good and evil. Moral Conflict 1941 delivers a detailed and highly realistic global warfare experience that makes the players want to come back to play again and again.
Are you ready for war in all five dimensions?
The length of the game can be varied from 2 hours upwards by setting different victory conditions and scenarios. The Moral Conflict 1941 WWII strategy game can also be played with the shorter Atlantic scenario with 2 ? 5 players; or the Pacific scenario for 2 ? 3 players for a few hours game.
Moral conflict 1941 is designed for highly sophisticated strategy war game players.

Players: 2 to 6
Time: 120 to 400 Minutes
Age: 18+

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