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Yínzi means silver - China experienced the greatest economic expansion in its history during the Ming dynasty (1368?1644). The silver trade between the Americas and Europe and onward to China had a profound effect on the world economy ? it may be considered the beginning of a global economy.
In China social mobility led to the growing of cities, especially in the lower Yangtze area, at that time responsible for the main production of wheat for the whole country. In addition to wheat and rice, other crops like tea, fruit, and sugarcane were grown on a large scale. Trade and commerce thrived in this
liberalized economy and was aided by the construction of canals, roads, and bridges by the Ming government. Ming China saw the rise of several merchant clans, who owned large amounts of wealth.
In Yínzi , the players represent merchant clans developing parts of China in the late Ming period in the early 17th century along the last 200 km of the Yangtze river before it reaches the China Sea. They plant crops, sell goods to the rural or urban markets, develop raw materials, build and upgrade factories, and sell their goods to ships already waiting in the port. In order to reach the port, the players need to improve their river transport capabilities along the Yangtze.

1 large game board, 4 player boards, 20 route tiles, 18 ship tiles, 38 crop tiles, 8 urban market tiles, 16 factory tiles, 26 silver bag tiles ,56 copper coins, 14 cubes representing wood, 8 cubes representing stone, 16 misfortune tiles, 48 action cards, 48 workers, 60 goods cubes, 80 discs, 8 cylinders,
32 commodity square pieces, 8 play aids (4 each in English and German), 1 pad for final scoring, 1 sixsided die, 2 rules booklets (1 each English and German)

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