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Festung Europa: The Campaign for Western Europe, 1943?1945is the long awaited follow-up to the highly popular card driven game,Shifting Sands: The Campaign for North Africa,1940?1943 (from MMP).Designed by Michael Rinella,Festung Europaallows players to step into the shoes of eitherthe Allies, led by the United States and Great Britain, or the Axis, led by Germany and Italy.As the Allied player you must use your plentiful economic resources and military assets tosuccessfully invade the European continent, defeat the Axis powers, and liberate CentralEurope before it is occupied by the Soviet Union. As the Axis player you must use theadvantage of interior lines and the tactical skills of the German Army to stubbornly delay theAllies, prevent them from occupying German soil, and potentially frighten them into signing aseparate peace to prevent a communist takeover of Central Europe.

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