Operation Skorpion

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Operation Skorpion is a relatively short, fast moving game that introduces a new fog of wargame system. Opposing strength is unknown until units enter combat. Once revealed, thosecombat values can continue to fluctuate during the course of the game based on judicious useof mobile supply units, which can distribute and absorb Allocation Points. Although fightinga defensive battle, the British Player is not without counterattack capability. He will find hisartillery arm, both direct and indirect fire, to be a potent force. Game rules such as: CombinedArms, HQ Coordinated Combat, Road Overrun, Engineers, and Reconnaissance Probe, allcontribute to an appropriate sense of realism. Operation Skorpion provides exciting, tense,and balanced game play. Determining the ultimate winner often occurs on the last or next-to-the last game-turn. Turn back the clock to the heady days of Spring 1941 and command theAfrika Korps, or take on the British and ultimately break the sword of the Desert Fox,himself, in this battle game by Compass Games.


2 Counterheets: 5/8 and 1/2?
1 Map
1 Rulebook (engl.)
2 Charts and tables

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