The Queer Agenda

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Playable with family and friends and more fun with groups between 4-10 people. TQA is the ultimate LGBTQ party game for you and your drag queen Friends!

This bisexual friendly card game will have your friends opening up their most daring fantasy (or not), sobbing in public for attention or even subscribing to Grindr with this inappropriate gay gift!

How it Works:

Question Cards

Split the deck into the questions, answers and dares by making 3 piles, one for each color. The Judge draws a question card and reads it aloud, afterwards displaying the card for all to see.

Answer Cards

Everyone else submits an answer card face down that best completes the question card prompt. The Judge then shuffles the answers, reads them aloud, and selects a winner.


Players: 4 to 10
Age: 18+
Time: 30 to 60 minutes

Dare Cards

Shuffled into the Question Cards are Dare Prompts. If the Judge picks up a Dare Prompt, they must pick the top Dare from the Dare pile, then either complete the Dare for points, as shown on the card, or refuse the Dare and lose a Point.

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